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Find a Compost Kiosk
What is a Compost Kiosk?

A Compost Kiosk is the name for our drop off locations we build around the area for our residential customers to dispose of their food residuals. 

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What can a Compost Kiosk do for your business?



Other than some signage at your front entrance most customers may not know you compost at your business. Put one of these on site for free with your membership and show your customers that you care not only about your composting but their composting as well! 


Employee Composting

If composting is something you practice for your business then give your employees a place to compost as well. This free Kiosk gives your employees easy access to a drop off location every day they come to work. What better way to teach composting in your business than advocating that your employees compost at home?!


Customer Composting

Compost Kiosks are essential for residential customers to be able to dispose of their compost. Installing a Compost Kiosk at your location means our customers are also your customers. This puts customers on your property 1-2 times per week guaranteed. 

Restaurant? Maybe they grab a bite.

Grocery Store? Maybe they grab some items they need. 

Hardware store?

Gas Station?


You get the picture.

Compost Kiosks are free of charge for our commercial customers. Each compost Kiosk is assigned to one of our Compost Captains who is either a local resident or employee of the business. Compost Captains oversee the the general care and image of the Kiosks and notify us if issues occur. We pick up the residuals at the Kiosk on the same schedule that we pick up for the business. Every location can't have a Compost Kiosk. To ensure our customers benefit from the Kiosk we will not build them in areas that are close in proximity unless the demand justifies an additional kiosk. 

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