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Zero Waste Bags

NewTerra Compost is now offering TerraCycle Zero Waste Bags to all Curbside Composting and Recycling Members!

We’re passionate about recycling, but we also understand that some items can be difficult to recycle. This is why we’re working with our recycling partner, TerraCycle to offer Zero Waste Bags to our members. These bags allow you to recycle items that aren't accepted in single stream recycling programs or by our local MRF. From coffee pods to chip bags and more, the TerraCycle Zero Waste Bags make it easy to reduce your environmental impact. Join us in our commitment to keeping our planet healthy!

How does it work?

Order your Zero Waste Bag

Log into your account and visit the shop. In the shop select the bag or bags that will work best for you and then place your order. The bags will then be delivered on your normal service day.

Fill the bag with your specific Material

Select the Category you wish to collect and fill the bag with ONLY that material. You can be filling multiple bags with different categories if needed. 

Set the bag by your Bucket or Recycle Bin

Once your bag is full, seal it and set it out beside your compost bucket or recycling bin on your normal service day. Our driver will collect any TerraCycle Zero Waste bags that are present. 

Repeat the Process!

Continue to order bags as needed and set them beside your Bucket or Container when they are ready for pick up. Never worry about those hard to recycle items filling up landfills again!

Select from 3 different sizes!



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Extra Large

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