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 Households are responsible for the largest portion of all food waste. It's estimated that US households waste 76 billion pounds of food per year.. 

Residential Composting


Do you want to close the loop on your food residuals?

Look no further!

Our mission is to help Chattanooga and the surrounding area reach a more sustainable future by diverting food residuals and enriching soil.

Join our residential program today!

Receive a 5 gallon NewTerra Compost bucket. 

Each week, empty your bucket into one of our Compost Kiosks located around North Georgia and Chattanooga, or have your bucket picked up (check availability in your area).

Your food residuals will then be transported to our facility and be turned into nutrient rich compost. 

As a residential member you will also receive 10 gallons of finished compost every Spring and Fall!

Don't want compost in return? Donate it to one of our partnered community gardens or non profits and we will deliver it!




Residential Drop Off
  • $15/Month or $145/Year

  • 24/7 access to drop off Kiosks

  • Finished Compost in Spring/Fall

  • Online Account

  • Online Shop

  • Give $10 Get $10 promo code

Residential Curbside
First Month is Free!!!
  • $30/Month

  • Weekly Curbside Pick Up (check availability in your area)

  • Clean Bucket Swap Each Week

  • Finished Compost in Spring/Fall

  • Online Account

  • Metrics on Organic Diversion

  • Online Shop

  • Give $10 Get $10 promo code

  • Skip a week and receive a $4 credit 

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