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If you can eat it, we can compost it!
When in doubt, toss it out!

If you have paper or cardboard that is clean please Recycle it.


Only compost Food Soiled paper and cardboard that can't be recycled. 

The easiest way to collect food residuals at home is to leave a container inside, beside, or under your sink so you don't have to make a trip to the bucket every time you have a paper towel or banana peel. When this container is full, throw it in the bucket. 

We would recommend cleaning your fridge and freezer out the day before, or morning of, your compost day. This way you'll have everything cleaned out for your drop off.  

Pay attention to what you're throwing in. Maybe you realize you never finish a certain item you purchase regularly or maybe you buy too much of it. The goal isn't to fill the bucket up, it's to reduce the amount of food you waste.

Have a question about what you can put in your bucket? 

Contact us!

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