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Frequently Asked Questions



- What is Composting?

- Why should we compost?

- What is the difference between Curbside and Drop Off (Kiosk)?

- How much Compost do I get back?

- Does it Smell?

- Are there bugs?

- If I'm not a member can I still give you my food waste?

- Why does your service cost money?


Drop off (Kiosk)

- How does drop off work?

- What is the compost Kiosk code?

- How do I order bags?

- How do I clean the bucket?

- How do I get my compost?


- How does curbside work?

-What if I want Bi-Weekly Service?

-What if I miss my pickup?

-What do I do if my bucket goes missing before or after it is serviced?

- How do I get my compost?

- How do I order products?

- What if I have extra material?


- How often do you pick up?

- Why don't you take as much as other recycling companies in the area?

- Does it actually get recycled?

- What is a MRF?

- Why don't you accept bags?

- Is Glass acceptable in your mixed recycling?

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